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Extreme Haus Rumors Of Warr

Orkin Mavic Poland x Megan Z Sachary


Own Son of Orkin

 German Import Lines

Our pride and joy “Warr”

Warr is a 100% west German Showline, hip and elbow certified, DM tested as well as embark tested. 

We typically keep his weight at 98lbs, give or take breeding season.

What is Warr like to live on a daily basis you ask?  Probably the number one thing we tell our clients that if all intact males behaved like him, we would have 20!!!  LOL but seriously, this boy has always had a dream temperament, if you’ve had the privilege of meeting him, you know what we’re talking about. Warr is very easy going, loyal, kind and joy to have in our home.

There is not a mean bone in this boy's body, in all honesty I don’t even know if we have ever heard him growl. he is a gentle soul but has confidence to him as well!! One of Warr's favorite things are his stuffed animals, he gets a new stuffie for Christmas every year, helps open his presents and everything!  He is a very “feelings” type dog, he will typically bring me one of his stuff animals to show his emotions, he also likes to stick his head out the window if we’re going through a drive-through and he loves to cuddle with our cats!

He LOVES getting his pictures done, and as you can see, he's natural model, LOL 

We take our dogs temperaments very serious, over the last five years we have changed our program significantly, and though we’ve always had good lines, we’re really proud of the lines that we have today!

Warr is definitely the reason for that! Love him beyond measure!

HIPS - OFA Fair-

Elbows Normal

DM - Not Affected


Warr is sired by Orkan Mavic Poland. He is the last of his Progeny.

IPO 1 ~ BH ~ AD ~ SG1 CH ~ Hips A 1/2 ~ Elbows 0/0 ~ DM Carrier (not affected)

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