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About Us

Located in East Tennessee, we at Christians Guardian Shepherds, are highly discriminatory with our breeding program.  We offer Family, Working Line and Showline Dogs - with the German conformation Standard as our focus in our breeding program. 


With superior German Shepherd Dogs who have and whose lines have achieved their Schutzhund (pronounced "shoots - hund") titles, we have built a foundation of breed worthy sires and dams.  These dogs and/or their lines have historically produced working, sporting and companion German Shepherd Dogs who excel in all three phases of the Schutzhund Trials.


Each phase of the Schutzhund Trials (SchH1, SchH2, SchH3) demonstrate the dog's successful completion in tracking, obedience and protection.  The Shutz Hund Trials test and evaluate the dog's temperament, intelligence and obedience.


The pedigrees of some of our West German, Hungarian and Czech line dogs may also feature Advanced (FH1) or Superior (FH2) Tracking Titles.


Having bred our German Shepherd Dogs for exceptional work ethic in tracking, obedience and personal protection, and being a great family companion, we value the importance of educating future owners about the breed, and what Christians Guardian Shepherds strives to achieve with each pairing - a highly trainable, loving family dogs.


Browse through our website for more information about each sire and dam and learn how each breed pairing differs and which German Shepherd Dog would be best suited for your lifestyle.  Whether you're looking for a show quality, field trial dog, Christians Guardian Shepherds has a puppy for you.

Thanks for visiting! Please feel free to browse our new website and be sure to shoot us a message if you have any questions or if you'd like to purchase a puppy.

Many blessings,

Joann & Kodie Garland

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