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How to Prepare for your New German Shepherd Puppy

The most important Priority is Preparing all Family Members – Especially Children.

Be sure to discuss the addition of a new puppy with all persons living in the home.

Come to an understanding of responsibilities that will include feeding, watering, exercise, and who will be cleaning up after the puppy!

Find Your Vet

  • Qualified – Specialization in canine medicine inspires trust compared to all-animal vets.

  • Eager to help – The practice has to be willing to help in emergencies. 

  • Educated in the breed - German Shepherds are not all the same. Within the breed itself you have WGSL, WGWL, EGWL (DDR), CWL( Czech), ASL (American), ESL (European)

Preparing Children to meet your New German Shepherd Puppy

  • Puppies for the most part get along with humans, but we forget our human side of this responsibility in the relationship.

  • Children must be taught how to handle a new German Shepherd puppy before bringing one home. German Shepherds are known for their love of children, so it is important they know how to handle themselves around one.

Here are some ways to prepare your children/family for a new German Shepherd.

  • Teach them to avoid the eyes and other sensitive areas – Children must avoid poking, pulling their tail or annoying the puppy. Many puppy's are particularly sensitive on top of the head, as well as pulling their hair so teach children to be soft with their touch.

  • Children must ask permission from you before entering into the puppy safe area –

  • This allows you to supervise every interaction with the German Shepherd puppy which will help not just build confidence in the puppy but in the child as well.

  • When choosing a location for you puppies' safe area be sure that it is in an area where you can see the puppy and they can see you. Be sure it is not too hot and is away from direct sunlight.

  • Puppies are super social and will demand to be part of the family so keep their crate and safe area in where they can still be part of the family.

  • The best locations are where the family hang out the most!

  • Making a Puppy-Friendly Safe Area

  • If you have ever done babyproofing, then puppy proofing will be easy for you with one difference.

  • While human babies don’t start walking until around 10 months old, your new German Shepherd puppy is already running laps when you receive them at eight weeks old.

  • Having an area clear of sharp furniture, Wires and cables or anything that can be chewed on and digested will help prevent your new German Shepherd puppy from getting hurt. 

  • Puppies are inquisitive and love to see their new world. They will climb onto just about anything to get a better view of their new home so keeping items such as chairs, stools out of their reach will keep them safe and you from chasing after them!

  • Discussions on who will be responsible for training the puppy and what method.

  • We are a positive reinforcement advocate.

  • Speak with your breeder if you have decided on looking for a reputable trainer. Again, just as in looking for a Vet be sure the trainer is educated in the Breed. PetSmart trainers are probable not the right fit for a German Shepherd.

  • What Do I Need for a New German Shepherd Puppy?

Dog Crate

Getting a crate for your German Shepherd puppy is quite crucial for the following reasons:

  • Allows your puppy to feel Secure.

  • Critical in potty training

  • Safe place for your puppy when you cannot be with them.

  • Conditions your puppy should you have an emergency.

Some people feel super guilty for placing their puppy in a crate. However, puppies need structure, especially when said breed is higher drive then let's say a chihuahua so it's much needed. 

A dog crate provides a sense of security by reducing the space around your puppy. It's like what we humans have, a bedroom.

Work with your Breeder on Feed, Feeding schedule and Exercise Schedule.

  • It`s important to work with your breeder on feed and feeding schedule during the first month of bringing home your New German Shepherd Puppy to insure a good stress-free transition. You can slowly transition you puppy to whatever kibble you prefer over time. Least amount of stress is what we are shooting for!

  • Same with your puppy's Exercise Schedule. Transition over time and age-appropriate Exercise for your New German Shepherd Puppy. (We can go over that in another topic)

Christians Guardian Shepherds hopes this helps everyone in

the precious time of bringing home your New German Shepherd Puppy!

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