Available Started Puppies


If your looking to purchase but not wanting the infant little puppy stage this this might be for you!

These puppies do not come available often so be sure to watch our Facebook page or contact us for more info.

Our Older Puppies that have been in our Started Puppy 12 - 15 Weeks old Program are hand picked by us for this program. We work on such things as: 

~ Leash Training
~ Place Training

~ Patient Tie
~ Basic Obedience 
~ Off Leash Training
~ Recall
~ Socializing 
~ Car Rides
~ Start on House Training
~ Start on Crate Training

~ Bath Time

~ Basic Grooming Obedience 

These puppies are NOT finished and completely trained dogs but well started and ready fore their families to continue training with them.

Most of the Started Puppies Program Puppies leaver us around 12 - 15 Weeks old. We have found this to be a perfect age as they are old enough to be past some of the infant puppy stage, shots are completely done(so they are safe to take places now) but yet still young enough to bond well with their families!

As with all our puppies prices vary but to give you a rough estimate the puppies in this program range $3000.00 - $5000.00

We do NOT take deposits on these puppies but we do have a waiting list that is free to be on that will allow you update first that we have one available in this program.

We do sometimes have older dogs that are more finished but they usually do not make the website before they are sold via Facebook page. 

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